In -Community Cancer Project

in community

Nigeria is estimated to have 40.43 million women of 15 years and above at risk of developing breast and cervical cancer. With 15% of the men being infected with Human Papilloma Virus that causes cervical cancer when contracted through sex and 40.8% breast cancer prevalence rate . Screening services the surest way of detecting the disease in an asymptomatic stage are poorly utilized, and so moment after moment life is lost due to breast and cervical cancers. Based on this premise the IN-COMMUNITY CANCER PROJECT was birthed. This project is aggressively creating awareness on breast and cervical cancer screening, HPV vaccination, and taking cancer prevention services to the doorsteps of women

across communities in Nigeria (rural areas especially). We are in community2making a shift from hospital base services, to community based prevention services so as give women opportunity to participate, who ordinarily will never go to hospital to seek for screening services.

Through this platform we also  render referrals, genetic counseling/education, and support services for cancer patients.

We have also strategically targeted men in the fight against breast and cervical cancer realizing that in Africa many women will never take reproductive health decision without the approval of their husbands.