Mentor G Project

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MENTOR-G Project

In Nigeria and Sub Saharan Africa, there is high prevalence of adolescent girl abuses, poor mother-to-child communication/relationship, teenage pregnancy cases which is one of the contributive factor to high maternal morbidity and mortality rate is of public health concern and calls for urgent attention. The Vision and mission of the MENTOR-G Project is to come to the aid of adolescent girls in Nigeria, by mentoring, supporting them on sexuality issues, choosing and developing their career, helping them through the challenges of adolescence, guiding and protecting them from abuses, teenage pregnancies, unsafe abortions etc. We have a on the spot mentoring/counseling support system, a mentor-G hotline and email address where adolescent girls across communities in

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Nigeria can confidently call in anytime of the day to ask questions and speak about their issues without fear of being known or reported to parent (anonymous).

The Official launch of this project was in Partnership with The United Nations Information Center.